13 years 2009 present, 13 years of focus
3000+ Customer
150 people Professional team
One on one Professional consultant one-on-one service

What do we do

Service Project








Services provided based on customer needs

  • Content creativity

    Brand Insight

    Key refining

    Industry Analysis

    Copywriting creativity

  • Marketing Strategy

    population strategy

    Communication Strategy

    content policy

    Combination strategy

  • Communication planning

    Launch Planning

    Festival planning

    activity planning

  • Effect estimation

    Data estimation

    Effect estimation

  • Executive coordination

    project plan

    Team arrangement

    Time node

    Landing Execution

Services provided based on fan needs

  • Account positioning

    Account tone style positioning

    Hot topic selection

    Account staffing positioning

    Account Content Planning

  • Content creation and shooting

    Create creative copy scripts

    Video shooting and editing

    Dubbing and synthesis

    Top of popular videos

    Popular music pairing

  • Content dissemination

    Content dissemination planning

    Secondary distribution and joint playback

    Real time monitoring of content data

    According to platform rules

    Raising account and increasing powder

  • Participation in platform activities

    Participate in platform challenges

    Initiate platform activities

    Create brand/product stickers

    Create brand emoji packs

Services provided based on brand needs

  • Account Content Planning

  • Tiktok store operation

  • Brand Account Matrix

  • Fan growth interaction

Brand Account Brief Account activation Content planning and planning Landing Execution Shooting Data analysis review Account Matrix Creation

Talent Content Marketing

  • Four major strategies

    Selection strategy

    content policy

    Number selection strategy

    pacing strategy

  • Analysis of previous strategies

    competitive analysis

    Product selling point extraction

    Analysis of the current situation of brand platforms

  • Summary Review

    Launch data statistics and analysis

    Review report

    optimization strategy

  • Launch Execution

    Master communication downshifting

    Launch progress follow-up

    Placing an Order on a Star Map

    Schedule coordination


One-stop Internet Marketing Service

Integrated Marketing # Complete marketing plan, from planning to execution, comprehensive marketing services from building a foundation to brand marketing and conversion.
Online Marketing Integrated Marketing Full Network Marketing
Red Book Marketing # Red Book platform outsourcing marketing services, from account management and brand information to product promotion, store exploration, and maintenance of conversions.
Red Book Brand Promotion Red Book Influencer Red Book Store Exploration Red Book Account Management Red Book Outsourcing Services Annual Contract Services
Short Video Marketing # Any company needs to build its own short video marketing, from video shooting to brand promotion, account management, and one-stop short video marketing services.
Short Video Brand Promotion Short Video Influencer Short Video Store Exploration Short Video Account Management Video Shooting Short Video Outsourcing Services Annual Contract Services
Brand Marketing # From network information filling, personal IP creation, to brand information laying, one-stop network brand marketing services!
Brand Marketing Network Information Filling Personal IP Creation Soft News Marketing Q&A Wiki Map Marking
Media Communication # From soft article marketing to self-media marketing, media invitations, corporate interviews and press conferences, we provide a one-stop media communication service
Soft Article Marketing Self-Media Marketing Media Invitations Corporate Interviews Event Press Conferences Online Press Conferences
Effect Advertising # From basic setup, to brand marketing, to effect drainage and conversion, Buma provides effect drainage and advertising hosting services, making effects worry-free
Effect Drainage Advertising Hosting
Operation and Basic Setup Outsourcing # Help enterprises through enterprise website building, WeChat official account, mini program, double micro operation, Red Book operation and short video operation services
Red Book Operation Short Video Operation WeChat Official Account Operation Enterprise Website Building Mini Program Software Development
Consulting Services # With 5 years of experience, we provide year-round network marketing diagnosis services and solutions, and teach you how to solve current marketing problems step by step
Consulting Services

Marketing Planning-

  • Whole case marketing

  • Whole year marketing

  • New media case

  • Brand building

  • Platform outsourcing

  • Node marketing

The entire case from consultation to implementationSolution Content Resource Operation Full Solution

All of them are first-hand channels

Eight major resource systems

Advertising age
ncy operation
KOC Human

Why choose us?

  • Since 2009
  • 10 years of experience
  • Focusing on online marketing
  • Major advertising core agents
  • The most comprehensive media communication company
  • Having numerous large MCN institutions
  • All resources - hand channel cooperation
  • Directly contact the platform for cooperation
  • Eliminating intermediate costs
  • Numerous channel partners of 4A companies
  • Marketing consultant with 5 years of experience
  • Leading a team to provide customized marketing services for you
Three major divisions with a professional team of 150 people
Beijing Media Center Department
Guangzhou Marketing Center Department
Changsha Mobile New Media Department
Marketing consultant one-on-one service
Marketing consultant butler style, nanny style, making marketing worry free!

Online marketing consultant, one-on-one service!

We Are Different

Focus on network marketing services for 13 years since 200913 years
More than 3000 full-service marketing clients served3000+
Over 10,000 companies served with individual services10000+
Deeply involved in serving clients from over 100 segmented industries100+
More than 150 full-service marketing clients overseas, especially in Korea!130+
Over 150 professional marketing consultants150+
BuMa has three major branches: Guangzhou Marketing Center, Changsha New Media Center and Beijing Media Center3 br
BuMa has various resources experts with over 100,000 resources10W+
BuMa has won over 50 marketing awards50+
  • 13 (years)
  • 3000+ ( companies)
  • 10000+ ( companies)
  • 100+ ( industries)
  • 130+ ( overseas clients)
  • 150 ( employees)
  • 3 (three major parts)
  • 100000+ ( resources)
  • 50+ (awards)